Check what amount of money is available from

The estate of the person who has died, such as money from bank or building society accounts.

Any insurance policies or charities, lump sum payments made by a pension scheme or relatives, (either yours or those of the person who has died).

Any savings you have in a bank or building society, National Savings (including certificates and premium bonds) or in cash at home.

The savings may be in your name or the name of your partner. The Widows Payments of does not count as savings.

The social fund may make a contribution towards the cost of a simple funeral within the United Kingdom. This includes:-

  • Bringing the body home if the person died away from home but within the United Kingdom
  • The Death Certificate
  • A standard coffin
  • The Hearse for the coffin and bearers
  • Flowers from the person who is arranging the funeral
  • Contribution towards fees of funeral director
  • Chaplain and organist fee for simple funeral
  • Cemetery fee or Crematorium fee
  • Doctors fees