Hearse & Limousines

During 2012 and 2013 the company have built a new fleet of brand new Jaguars. This includes a hearse and 2 Limousines. These additions to the fleet have cost upwards of £400,000, and ensure the top quality service for which they are known continues.

The hearse for the funeral with chauffeur and sufficient bearers are also an essential part of our service to you, especially when your family's request is to go into church or place of worship.

Limousines are charged for separately. This ensures that the family is not charged for something they may not need or want. The charge for the limousines is fully inclusive to cover transport from the address at which your family requires to be picked up, through to your return to the final destination, within a limited distance. Each limousine is chauffeur driven and will normally carry up to six mourners. .

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